Having to deal with some personal struggles lately, and even panic attacks, not only scared me but also made me question myself and not trust my judgment. At face value, this is bad, but there is also a positive aspect to the situation. In situations like that, you become more willing to listen and ask…Continue Reading “A case of entrepreneurial struggles and learnings šŸŒ±”


Learning about working from home and location independent lifestyle was a true pivotal momentĀ for me. Before that, I didn’t think much about the concept of “freedom at work” or anything like that. And even though the concept was a bit far-fetched for me at the time, I realized that it surely wasĀ something that I would…Continue Reading The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Remote Work (After 5 Years of Experience) Talking from a digital nomad point of view


Let me teach you the proper way to eat a cupcake! Nah … just kidding. Those life hacks are useless. You hear me! Useless! So let’s talk something that isn’t. Here’s a set of life hacks that have actually been entrepreneur-tested, either by me personally, or by other entrepreneurs that I know and trust. 1….Continue Reading “5 Simple Life Hacks Every Young Entrepreneur Should Try”


Just like your kid, your product is probably no special. Well, sorry if you’re offended … or, you know what, actually I’m not sorry at all. But why am I even saying this anyway? Let’s start at the beginning: I have met a lot of people lately, both in the WordPress community and outside of…Continue Reading “You Aren’t Bad at Marketing, Your Product Is Not Good Enough!”


First of all, I am not a great writer. In fact, I used to be one of the worst in my class (literature and English lessons, and those were the things that I hated the most). However, when I started doing things on the internet, I realized that I needed content … and lots of…Continue Reading “How to Be the Worst Blog Owner in 5 Simple Steps”


SomewhereĀ around 2010, after I learned a little bit of jQuery, I decided to give Freelancer.com a shot. In hindsight,Ā things worked out quite fine for me. However, I know that the space has gottenĀ more crowded, and that a lot of people – developers much better than myself – struggle and can’t seem to crack the Freelancer.com’s…Continue Reading “5 Tips on How to Get More Projects on Freelance Websites”

I like to read a lot about entrepreneurship, WordPress, and all thingsĀ related. Blog posts, interviews, reports, whatever I can get my hands on. However, it’s quite common for people to rather share lots of general thoughts instead ofĀ the real struggles that keep them awake at night. I see many of my entrepreneur friends dealing with…Continue Reading “5 Struggles of a WordPress Entrepreneur + 4 Solutions of Mine”

In the summer of 2013, 2 years after I started aĀ web agency, I saw myself caught up in a business that I didn’t enjoy, struggling to keep employees and partners happy, and secretly wanting to escape. Neat, isn’t it? Okay, so how did IĀ escape? Well, me and my partner had some WordPress knowledge, so we…Continue Reading The Single Most Catastrophic Mistake That WordPress Freelancers Make And most probably you are making it too.

Are you looking to start your own WordPress theme shop? Or maybe you already have your products listed on Envato, but want to move out for one reason or the other? If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering about things like pricing and other exciting money-related stuff. So in this post (my first here) I’m…Continue Reading Pricing Your WordPress Theme 3 Specific Strategies That Work in the Real World

I am more an creative engineer hating languages and words ( even emails are written as short as possible) and I have always tried to focus on what I am good at and I enjoy rather than doing other things that I kinda hate, however in the past couple of years I learned that in…Continue Reading Hello world! or why I have finally got motivated to start a blog