Learning about working from home and location independent lifestyle was a true pivotal moment for me. Before that, I didn’t think much about the concept of “freedom at work” or anything like that. And even though the concept was a bit far-fetched for me at the time, I realized that it surely was something that I would…Continue Reading The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Remote Work (After 5 Years of Experience) Talking from a digital nomad point of view


Let me teach you the proper way to eat a cupcake! Nah … just kidding. Those life hacks are useless. You hear me! Useless! So let’s talk something that isn’t. Here’s a set of life hacks that have actually been entrepreneur-tested, either by me personally, or by other entrepreneurs that I know and trust. 1….Continue Reading “5 Simple Life Hacks Every Young Entrepreneur Should Try”