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Acquiring WordPress Plugins: Our Approach to Fair Deals and Smooth Transitions

Are you a WordPress plugin developer looking to sell and move on? If your plugin generates between $60k-350k per year in revenue, we may be interested in acquiring it. But we’re not your typical buyer. Here’s how our acquisition process is different, even from people who claim they are different, but before that, who we are really?

I co-founded Vertigo Studio SA, a Romania-based company in 2011, we’re 25 people from all over the world now, working on projects like,, and a lot more, generating last year $4m+ in revenue.

Fair Contracts Without Unnecessary Restrictions

We believe in creating acquisition contracts that are fair and balanced for both the buyer and seller. We aim to avoid burdening the deal with unnecessary restrictions or complicated terms. Our goal is to make the process as straightforward and transparent as possible.

Direct Communication with Decision Makers

When you deal with us, you won’t have to navigate through layers of assistants or intermediaries. You can reach out directly to me, the decision maker, via DM and expect a response within a day. We value open and efficient communication to ensure a smooth transaction process.

Not only that, but we’re using our own money and we’re employee owned biz

This is important when it comes to incentives & ethics. First, it’s clear from whom and from where the money is coming from, and while we don’t want to be stupid with our funds, we don’t have anyone for whom we need to maximize returns no matter what.

Swift Closing Process

We understand that once you’ve decided to sell, you want to complete the deal and move on as quickly as possible. That’s why we strive to close acquisitions within around 2 weeks. We don’t require sellers to jump through unnecessary hoops or provide excessive documentation that we can usually find ourselves.

We’re only looking at asset sales, we won’t acquire the legal entity.

Commitment to Users and Plugin Legacy

When we acquire a WordPress plugin, our primary focus is on finding the best solution for the existing users. We understand the trust that users have placed in the plugin and the hard work the developer has put into building it. Whether the plugin continues to grow, maintains its current state, or eventually sunsets, we always aim to minimize any negative impact on users and honor the legacy of the developer’s work.

Proven Track Record and References

We have successfully acquired numerous WordPress plugins, including well-known names like Feedzy, Visualizer, WP Landing Kit, PPOM, Multi Page Generator, and even entire projects like We are happy to provide references from previous sellers who have trusted us with their creations. Our track record speaks to our commitment to fair deals and smooth transitions. If you’re a WordPress plugin developer looking for a buyer who values fairness, transparency, and a commitment to your plugin’s users and legacy, we would love to hear from you. Reach out to discuss how we can work together to find the best outcome for everyone involved at [email protected].