Having to deal with some personal struggles lately, and even panic attacks, not only scared me but also made me question myself and not trust my judgment. At face value, this is bad, but there is also a positive aspect to the situation. In situations like that, you become more willing to listen and ask for help. I started talking more openly both with the team and other entrepreneurs around me, asking for advice – especially from people who I trust and respect. Personally, no…Continue Reading “A case of entrepreneurial struggles and learnings 🌱”

I like to read a lot about entrepreneurship, WordPress, and all things related. Blog posts, interviews, reports, whatever I can get my hands on. However, it’s quite common for people to rather share lots of general thoughts instead of the real struggles that keep them awake at night. I see many of my entrepreneur friends dealing with those. What am I talking about? These 5: 1. The sole desire to struggle When ThemeIsle started to grow, and we reached a certain revenue goal, I had a few…Continue Reading “5 Struggles of a WordPress Entrepreneur + 4 Solutions of Mine”

I am more an creative engineer hating languages and words ( even emails are written as short as possible) and I have always tried to focus on what I am good at and I enjoy rather than doing other things that I kinda hate, however in the past couple of years I learned that in the long term is not the best approach ( at least for me ). Working on things that I love and I am good at makes me obsessed about them…Continue Reading Hello world! or why I have finally got motivated to start a blog