I like to read a lot about entrepreneurship, WordPress, and all things¬†related. Blog posts, interviews, reports, whatever I can get my hands on. However, it’s quite common for people to rather share lots of general thoughts instead of¬†the real struggles that keep them awake at night. I see many of my entrepreneur friends dealing with those. What am I talking about? These 5: 1. The sole desire to struggle When ThemeIsle started to grow, and we reached a certain revenue goal, I had a few…Continue Reading “5 Struggles of a WordPress Entrepreneur + 4 Solutions of Mine”


I am more an creative engineer hating languages and words ( even emails are written as short as possible) and I have always tried to focus on what I am good at and I enjoy rather than doing other things that I kinda hate, however in the past couple of years I learned that in the long term is not the best approach ( at least for me ). Working on things that I love and I am good at makes me obsessed about them…Continue Reading Hello world! or why I have finally got motivated to start a blog