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Hello world!

I am more an creative engineer hating languages and words ( even emails are written as short as possible) and I have always tried to focus on what I am good at and I enjoy rather than doing other things that I kinda hate, however in the past couple of years I learned that in the long term is not the best approach ( at least for me ).

Working on things that I love and I am good at makes me obsessed about them until a point where I don’t have so much control over this and I get burned, I enjoyed during this in the past couple of years but highly stressfull periods, long hours in front of the computer, not being aware of everything else that is happening about me kinda forced me to approach this differently, so here I am.

However I needed even a stronger motivation and it came, few months ago I realised that I don’t have a personal email and more than this a personal brand, so I thought that going on this blogging route from a side will help me grow my personal brand, share personal stories ( that I can’t share on codeinwp blog for example ) and from an other side help me to slow down a bit, use and improve skills that I don’t usually do .

What about you ? Do you have a blog ? I would love to hear from other entrepreneurs!