Let me teach you the proper way to eat a cupcake! Nah … just kidding. Those life hacks are useless. You hear me! Useless! So let’s talk something that isn’t. Here’s a set of life hacks that have actually been entrepreneur-tested, either by me personally, or by other entrepreneurs that I know and trust. 1. Get good sleep Okay, hear me out here. I know that you’ve probably heard this one before … yet you still fail to get enough sleep and then wonder why…Continue Reading “5 Simple Life Hacks Every Young Entrepreneur Should Try”


Learning about working from home and location independent lifestyle was a true pivotal moment for me. Before that, I didn’t think much about the concept of “freedom at work” or anything like that. And even though the concept was a bit far-fetched for me at the time, I realized that it surely was something that I would like to try out. Since then, it’s been 5 years. My no.1 conclusion? This thing is not easy, at least not for me. However, it’s also incredibly rewarding, and, in the…Continue Reading The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Remote Work (After 5 Years of Experience) Talking from a digital nomad point of view